The Serious Bit: I’m M, the Senior Event Director and CEO of an event management company. My profession occasionally offers me ridiculous opportunities to be a hosted guest on awesome excursions called FAMs (familiarization trips) that take me to amazing travel and resort destinations. I love managing events and most days, I consider myself beyond lucky. Don’t worry…my friends sometimes hate me for these trips too. 🙂

The Less Serious Bit: I’m also an appreciator of the odd and twisted…and I love to make people laugh. So, most of my wonderful trips involve loads of pictures, snide remarks and a smattering of goofy.  You can usually count on a nice photo mix of amazing locations and events along with odd things I notice during my journey. The commentary will attempt to be witty and may even venture into informative!

Every once in a while, you could see a sideline…I might throw in shots from a vacation, outing or random photo shoot. Plus, lucky for you, I have cute friends that may show up in a picture or two.

My goal is for you to share a very cool adventure…with a very dorky individual. I hope you have fun!

If you’d like to reach me or advertise with me, please email dorktasticadventures (at) yahoo.com.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. As I consider myself a bit of a dork, I also love your blog name. Perhaps you can do a spin off with Martini and call it DOGtasticadventures and feature pet travel stories!

  2. Hey Miz M…what a fantastic job you did on this blog. I’m looking forward to seeing more – you know how much I love travel!

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