A Brief Pause

Apologies for being absent this week (and next week)…my family lost someone very special and I’ll be busy making sure we send him off in the best way possible.

After 96 years on this planet, my grandfather is finally reunited my grandmother…together again. 🙂

Here are a few pictures of one of the most intelligent, well-traveled, kind and wonderful gentlemen that the world had the honor of hosting for a bit…we’ll miss you terribly, Grandpa!

gpa9Always debonair…every man should own a tuxedo. 🙂


gpa13On one of their MANY trips…the grandparental units roamed the globe!


gpa14Always the adept slayer of the fishes. 🙂


gpa3Oh, don’t mind the bad-ass 85-year old in his ski gear…no biggie.


gpa12It was always an honor to be your date, Grandpa. 🙂


Please give someone you love an extra hug for me and I’ll be back as soon as I can.





4 thoughts on “A Brief Pause

  1. A nice tribute M. That picture in Red Square looks like they were there not long after communism fell. Sounds like quite the adventurous dude.

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