Cancun and the Mayan Riviera – part one of five

Ok, kiddies…it’s time for our next trip!

This FAM (familiarization trip) is to the fabulous Cancun and Riviera Maya in Mexico. I was hosted by the wonderful Tropical Incentives DMC (Destination Management Company). WE SAW SO MUCH STUFF, Y’ALL. And, they took such good care of us!

Let’s start with where I went on the planet…

mexico_country_mapCancun is located kinda sorta at the southern end of Mexico…practically South America, I tell you!

I know, I know…my geographic location descriptions are pretty much GPS coordinates.



After flying into Cancun International Airport (CUN), I was taken to the Playa del Carmen area, which is on the Riviera Maya (sounds super fancy, doesn’t it?).


I stopped at the Royal Hideaway Playacar before the FAM started for a quick site and overnight stay.

First, dinner with my salesperson host…

royal hideaway 1aScallops with a mole and pear sauce. Yes…I took the picture because the pear sauce looks like a banana missing its hammock. 🙂


royal hideaway 1

Room check…friggin’ awesome. Royal Hideaway is scoring some major points.


royal hideaway 2Holy crap. They ran me a friggin’ bath that was waiting for me when I got back to my room. This place is ridiculous. I don’t even like baths, but I’m gettin’ in, dammit.


Oh, and to the person who thought it would be a good idea to equip your guest rooms with full bowls of Ferrero Rocher candy ball thingys…”Give ’em a crap ton…they’ll never eat all of them!” You clearly do not know what I am capable of, you silly human. Challenge accepted!


royal hideaway 3

Lunch time before I leave the resort. Eyes peeled for Sigmund the Sea Monster.

Lunch highlights:

Decided against the octopus burrito for lunch. This time, anyway.

Mexican covers of American songs are fascinating. So far, I’ve experienced ‘Some Like It Hot’ and ‘Don’t Speak’. Fingers crossed for ‘Baby Got Back’ next!

This man’s moobs are disturbing my view of the beach. Someone bring him a support bra, stat!

Royal Hideaway Playacar tended to me wonderfully…they’re nifty!


Now, the official Tropical Incentives DMC FAM begins!

Time to head to the Mayakoba area (just a short drive back the way we came from the airport). Mayakoba is a local word for fancy-pantsy-awesome, I’m pretty sure.


banyan tree 4

My home for the next three nights…Banyan Tree Mayakoba. Holy guacamole, Batman…prepare yourself for ridiculousness cubed.


banyan tree 1

My super sweet flowery check-in bracelet amenity thingy. 🙂


banyan tree 2Ok. Now, drink this green stuff.
(for the record, it was quite good)


banyan tree 3This is Banyan Tree (I called him BT for short). Of Banyan Tree Mayakoba fame.


banyan tree 5

This my door. No entrado unless you use the phone in the box on the left. There’s a panel light on the left that I can light up that says “PRIVACY, DAMMIT”. Ok, it might not say dammit…


banyan tree 6

This my courtyard. And my friggin’ private pool. For all that private pooling I need to do. WHAAAT?


banyan tree 8This is the lagoon that sits behind my estate…I mean, “room”.


banyan tree 12

This my room. Me likey. And, I’ll be hammocking the crap out of that hammock later.


banyan tree 9This is my epic bathroom. Everyone has one that looks like this, right?


banyan tree 10

Oh, this? A private outdoor flippin’ bathtub. With a wall of candles and whatnot. Like a boss. Where is Ryan Reynolds when I need him??


banyan tree 13My headboard could totally kick your headboard’s ass.


banyan tree 14Staying in this room is going to be such a hardship.


Now, off to dinner and awesomeness at the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun!

now sapphire 1

The evening’s festivities begin with booze. Nice call, Now Sapphire.


now sapphire 2



now sapphire 3

Not enough? Here’s more fire!


now sapphire 4Dinner schminner. Non-dessert is for chumps.


now sapphire 5

I will DESTROY your fancy dessert display with my face, Now Sapphire. Fear me!


Back to Banyan Tree to sleep off my sugar coma…

banyan tree 14Burnin’ some incense all up in this mo fo before bed.

(it smelled gooood, y’all)


I hope you’re enjoying the Riviera Maya journey so far…please head on over to Cancun and the Mayan Riviera – part two of five!




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