A few things that caught my attention…

random 1aStripper art. My new passion.


random 14a

Get yer hides on over to DFW Airport ASAP to scoop up these gems, people! For only $11.99 each, you can pick up creepy friggin’ talking fruit with human faces…provide the kids with night terrors for years to come!


random 15aDrunk octopus wants to fight you, dammit.

(Nope…this one NEVER gets old)


random 30a

The perfect stocking stuffer for all of the adults on your Christmas list…it’s not just for diarrhea, folks!


random 18aMarketing Genius: “I know!! Let’s make the tequila pink AND the bottle can double as a sex toy! You’re welcome, Ladies.”

*expectantly waits for marketing awards to start pouring in*


Yep…this post has been tagged with the words “stripper”, “diarrhea” and “sex toy”. So proud!


Have an excellent Labor Day weekend, y’all! 🙂




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